Custom Design

sophisticated and thoughtful digital spaces that distinguish you as an expert in your field

To make your mark and stand out amongst the crowded online space you absolutely NEED a digital space that starts with the client in mind and is based on strategy. 

People should trust you, you have all of the right ingredients. But … here’s the BUT … when your website isn’t delivering a top of the line experience, it’s really hard to come across as a total expert. If you’re done digitally duct-taping your site together and ready to step up your game it’s time for a professional and you’re in the right place!

My best work is done with established businesses who:
• are action-takers
• drawn to simplified, clean & sophisticated design 
• are renovating an existing website or brand  
• are all about taking care of their clients
• are ready to be seen as the expert they are
• want an effective & beautiful website

Create a beautiful and effective digital experience that gets you the results and clients you want.


"Working with Kayla raised my profits by 30% in one launch...

Through working with Kayla we’ve been able to focus in on the main  strategies that offer the most impact to my clients — and delivering the most financial payoff to my business. I knew I’d see the return on my time, money, and effort investment with Kayla. I’m so glad I listen to my yoga teacher intuition and trusted Kayla’s process! ”

$479 usd

Do you need a better performing site but not sure what you need to do? I’ll take a thorough and strategic approach to reviewing and researching your website, business and ideal client. I’ll then create a custom roadmap of exactly what you need to do to improve your digital space. Whether that’s a plan for a new website in the upcoming months or making small but mighty changes to your website that will improve it immediately. In the end you’ll the clarity you need to take action that will make a real difference. 


Website Review & Roadmap

Ready for an effective website that attracts your ideal clients? Working together isn’t just about creating any website it’s a customized process where your style & expertise online is clarified and magnified by creating a thoughtful experience tailored to your services and ideal clients. Hire me to be your strategic designer for your custom project and we will craft a custom look & experience for your visitor that produces results and gets you seen as the expert you are.

packages begin at $4,500 usd

Brand Styling & Digital Experience Design

Brand & Website Redesign  

retainers begin at  $1,000 usd/mo

Are you and established growing online business that needs ongoing design and user experience support and refinement? When we work together I'll provide you with research and client driven design improvements that support your goals. We we thoughtfully and strategically improve your visitor touch points, from opt-In experiences to, homepage's and booking sequences. You have a beautiful website, great clients and now it’s time to make the smart adjustments to reach your digital goals.

Consulting & Digital Experience Design

Ongoing UX & Design Support  

WAYS we can partner 

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