Website Review 

Not ready for a website overhaul but know your site needs improvements?  

I’ll take a thorough and strategic approach to reviewing and researching your website, business and ideal client. I’ll then create a custom roadmap of exactly what you need to do to improve your digital space. Whether that’s a plan for a new website in the upcoming months or making small but mighty changes to your website that will improve it immediately. In the end you’ll the clarity you need to take action that will make a real difference.

What sets this design experience apart from the rest? 
My approach that's taken with every custom website or launch design is all about creating an experience for your #1 client, based on what they need and what you offer.  I'll  make recommendations that will create a connection with your ideal visitor from the minute they land on your page to the time the press "book now". 

Through working with Kayla we’ve been able to focus in on the main strategies that offer the most impact to my clients — and delivering the most financial payoff to my business. I knew I’d see the return on my time, money, and effort investment with Kayla. I’m so glad I listen to my yoga teacher intuition and trusted Kayla’s process! ”

KATE CONNEL, Private Yoga Teacher Mentor

“Working with Kayla raised my profits by 30% in one launch...

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Ready get the clarity and direction you need for a website that gets you the clients you want? 

A typical website review takes a week from start to finish.  
The Website Review Investment is  $345 USD
Once your have you review you’ll have the clarity you need to take action that will make a real difference in your website and business. 

Investment & TImeline

• Goal & Clarity exercises 
• A complete website review
• A recorded walk through of your site
• Written recommendations 
• 30 min strategy Skype session

What's In a Webiste review:

The Details

Kayla was absolutely fantastic on all fronts, she’s a perfect blend of creativity, technical know-how and easy to connect with. I felt confident throughout the process because there wasn’t ever a time that I wondered what was going on or what the next step was. From the design conception all the way through to the off boarding (and even beyond), she always made me feel like a priority even though I knew I wasn’t the only client. That meant the world to me because my brand is so important to me and I felt like she was a true partner in that respect.  

Kayla is gifted at what she does through and through and truly cares about your work and delivering an exceptional experience. 

Roxanne Carne, DC Personal Stylist

“My website ended up exactly as I wanted it....